What it is about?

Everything is all my personal notes.

Why am I brigging it here?

People tend to say that they never regret their past self. But I'm not like one of them. I know I would be in another field, or even maybe be an artist (quite the opposite I know) if I had someone that gave me the way. I would have used my time in a useful way, for my future self. But I didn't. Of course my past self made what I'm today and maybe if I didn't have this in past I wouldn't even want to be what I want to become in the future (big chances). All this informations you have in this website is time I have spent to learn, discover, revelations I had and some wonderings. This website permit me to keep order in my notes, HTML/CSS is not perfect but it gives me the customizations I need. All of them are made to give better clarity when I browse my notes, nothing more. Even if I'm currently working in a web development job (that I'm trying to leave) I want simplicity here, convenience, efficient time-consumption. Because it's just notes, I am interested to the way I could display a note for maximum efficiency comprehension.

Sadly it means that most of what you will find here, can potentially not making any sense to you (even for me sometimes). Because it's my way to organize my notes, I will try to be as understadable as possible but sometimes I just write for later use, sometimes I say to me: "you will rewrite it later" and of course I don't, because maybe I have lost the interest for it, or maybe I prioritize other things in my life, I do think time is the most important currency in our life. Ho and I may delete a webpage not worthing it or empty.

If this website stay for years some links could be lost, in order to avoid it I will try to use the Internet Archive to be able to see it anyway if needed.

The second reason why I am making it public is because I have learn so many things on internet and I want to give their money-time back. For others, it's a big chain we have to make, consumming stuff is great, but is not one way.

It's a pretty long about page at this stage so I will just leave now.

I tend to save a snapshot of websites I link on the website on Wayback Machine from Archive organization