[Learn] programming : Logical Tools

While programming and when you're a beginner it's nice to have high level tools to create a specific logic. Because programming is just a tool, making possible to automate something, you don't reallly have to learn by heart the algorithm. Of course it's better if you can but the time spent to do so is quite useless. Indeed time is finite and you don't infinite one. So by having a list of them here and picking them depending of the situation and the goal I want to achieve it handy and will for sure permit me to integrate them in my intuition.

Loops Logic

Outer value

  1. Having a value outside the loop permit to have an temporal value.
  2. A if at the top permit to break the loop. Inside it, permit to initialize data.


Implicit data

More used with bitwise operation, you can have a variable that have double value. Id est Count used to decrement a counter / to shift the bits. Watch out for readibility thought.